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LCJ Construction

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LCJ Construction

Founded in 1983, LCJ Construction, is involved in all construction aspects of single family and multifamily developments.  Specializing in new construction, rehabilitation, and renovations/additions, LCJ Construction adds value by providing in-house services consisting of:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design/Accessibility Compliance
  • Cost Control Analysis
  • Construction Management
  • Project Draw Schedule Support

The depth and diversity of our resume includes; townhomes, garden style apartments, condominiums, mid-rise housing developments, senior housing, and coastal infill developments.  LCJ Construction has vast experience in Texas, while retaining licenses in both Florida and Virginia.

Our experienced project management team accurately estimates, schedules, and stays abreast of construction innovations, and implements exemplary quality control to ensure that the final product is delivered on time and within budget.    

LCJ Construction maintains excellent working relationships with the US Department of Agriculture, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and is a member of Rural Rental Housing Association.

Our Team

Construction Team

Senior VP, Construction
Larry Pikas